Explore authentic art with our unique handcrafted ceramics. Each piece, imbued with tradition and passion, offers personality and distinction far from mass production. More than simple objects, we offer stories and emotions, embodying accessible luxury. Choosing our ceramics is to value uniqueness and enduring art.

About me

Br. Carlo

"Eremitist" Eremit and Raku Ceramist

My name is Brother Carlo and I live in Val Colla, where I lead a hermit's life dedicated to meditation and manual labor. After living for 21 years in the Franciscan Fraternity of Bethany, where I became consecrated and a priest, I responded to the call to the hermitic life. On this journey of discovering my "second vocation", I learned the art of clay modeling and Raku firing, a traditional Japanese technique. I was introduced to this art at the "La Tana delle Costruzioni" workshop of Sara Russo and Maria Francesca Rognoni in Vedano Olona (VA). Thanks to their valuable teachings and direct observation of many firings, I learned the fundamental principles of Raku firing.

Where u can meet me

To personally view the items you see on the site, you can visit me at the Saturday market in Bellinzona: I am on Viale della Stazione, near Anouk's store.

Where I sell

Viale Stazione 11 - Bellinzona

When I sell in Bellinzona market

Every Saturday

7.30am - 1.00pm